Who is this guy?

I am the managing editor for copy desks and production for the Sun-Times and the flagship Chicago Sun-Times, a job that includes trying to think as a journalist in the social and emerging media realms as well as writing and editing breaking news items, sports insight and meaningless Internet drivel. No, we are not hiring.

The Sun-Times is my latest stop on a journalism career spanning more than two decades and including gigs as a photojournalist, reporter, copy editor, projects editor, designer, art director and bottle washer. I’ve done time in the wax-covered workplace of the makeup editor, spun my share of proportion wheels, wielded a pica pole, worked the cop shop, Photoshopped, marked up, embedded, recorded and downloaded.

I’m also a Chicagoan, via Boston (Boston Globe); Indiana (Times of Northwest Indiana); Wisconsin (The Oshkosh Northwestern); and a slew of Virginia backwater assignments (including childhood). So only 10+ years in Chicago means not a local, but getting close. One kid born down the street from Fenway Park, one born in downtown Chicago, a dog named Wrigley from New Hampshire that joined us in Boston and a Minnesotan wife who fled newspapers wisely for cars.com.

In my copious free time I teach digital storytelling to graduate candidates in journalism at Northwestern’s Medill School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They love me because I’m so nice and understanding.

I enjoy sarcasm.

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