CMPs No. 5-6 – mobile coverage and curation

Techniques: Digital Storytelling

Medill School of Journalism – Spring 2011

  • TASK: Live blog and/or curate an event for your coverage theme.
  • VALUE: 50 points
  • ASSIGNMENT: Create a timeline using a tool discussed in class for your Class Multimedia Project. How you interpret a timeline and its structure is up to you. (** Please note: Topic must be pitched by email to Craig via e-mail by the Thursday before deadline at noon. Pitch: At least two paragraphs explaining story and how you will produce it.)
  • DEADLINE: Pitch due by Thursday, May 5 and 12 at noon, respectively. Monday, May 9 and 16 at noon – late assignments will lose half their points.

CURATION: Use Storify to aggregate an assignment topic of your choosing. If your chosen coverage theme does not lend itself well to a curated assignment, you may choose to branch out from your theme at the instructor’s discretion.

You may also choose to curate your mobile assignment as needed to combine the reporting requirements, particularly if the mobile assignment needs to be further organized.

MOBILE: Using your phone and any of the apps or tools discussed in class, produce an assignment remotely with photos, tweets, videos, etc. You should have at least a few photos as part of the assignment and, if possible, audio or video.

You may, as needed, combine this with the curation requirement to further organize and refine the content you gather.


This assignment will be graded on:

  • Story choice/pitch: 5 points
  • Quality of Editing of Multimedia: 20 points
  • Editorial Judgment/Story Narrative: 10 points
  • Production Value: 10 points
  • Posting to CMS (WordPress) and Twitter (hashtag #dscmp): 5 points
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