Assignment 4 – timeline

Techniques: Digital Storytelling

Medill School of Journalism – Winter 2012

  • TASK: Produce a multi-element timeline for posting to your WordPress site.
  • VALUE: 50 points
  • ASSIGNMENT: Create a piece of storytelling using three Web apps or other methods to tell a story.
  • DEADLINE: Monday, Feb. 6 at noon – late assignments will lose half their points. Story pitch due by Thursday, Feb. 2 at noon via email.
  • DETAILS: The final assignment will be a timeline with multiple layers, fully edited and posted to multiple platforms.


  • Using tools discussed in class or others of your determining, report a story with multimedia elements compiled into a timeline.
  • Use and compare at least three different methods for producing a timeline.
  • Your timeline will have at least 15 points with at least 10 different types of media.
  • The timelines will be posted as a page on your WordPress site and that link posted to Twitter – #dstimeline – and Tumblr.

Comparison post format

  • NAME: Capzles, Vuvox, Dipity, etc.
  • STRENGTHS: Xxxxxxxxxxx
  • WEAKNESSES: Xxxxxxxxx
  • REPEAT: Likely/Not likely to use it again

This assignment will be graded on:

  • Story choice/pitch: 10 points
  • Quality of editing: 10 points
  • Editorial judgment/story narrative: 10 points
  • Production Value: 10 points
  • Use of required elements: 5 points
  • Posting to CMS (WordPress), Twitter (hashtag #dstimeline) and other social media: 5 points


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