Textbooks for Fall quarter 2011

We’ll be primarily using two texts this quarter, though one is roughly what I’d call optional.

I would highly recommend you download these books as opposed to buying the traditional route. Both are available on Amazon through the Kindle store. Don’t have a Kindle? No problem – they have apps for most any smartphone, iPad and, perhaps most useful to you, Macs or PCs.

The reason for the download suggestion is so that you can always have both these available as reference materials – one for WordPress use and one for Web 2.0 theory and practice. And the Kindle app allows for notes in the margin. Yes, you can do that with a print book, but this will allow for quick cross reference working online on your laptops.

Download is not a requirement, but a friendly suggestion you’ll likely find helpful.


Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read“Building a WordPress Blog People Want to Read” Yes, we technically won’t be using WordPress as a blog engine, but rather as a Content Management System – more about that in week one. But author Scott McNulty offers a pretty good  look at using WordPress from the ground up. We’ll be covering bits of the system in class, but this serves as a good reference to page through.

This is the optional text. There are plenty of useful online references for WordPress – and other books, including Tris Hussey’s “Using WordPress,” which has some nice online interactivity features.

Journalism NextThe other text will not be optional and will be our guide to Web 2.0 – from blogging to social media to the modern newsroom aspects. “Journalism Next: A Practical Guide to Digital Reporting and Publishing” by Mark Briggs is a look into the evolving culture of the newsgathering process, and touches heavily on the themes we’ll be exploring this quarter. We’ll likely skip around a bit, but it’s a pretty easy read.

There is an older version of this book, “Journalism 2.0,” available as a free download in PDF format courtesy of the Knight Citizen News Network. It’s not really a strong alternative to the updated book, but hey, it’s free!

There are no pre-class readings assigned out of these books, but it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if you decided to page through Journalism Next in the remaining break.


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